What kinds of instruments are available to rent?

We rent violins (1/16-4/4 size) violas (11”-16 ½”), and cellos (¼- 4/4).
For sizes not mentioned above, please call us directly at 404-876-8617 for availability.

What size instrument do I need to rent?

That depends on the height and hand size of the person intending to play the instrument. We certainly can size you in the shop if your teacher did not suggest a size.

More information on our rental instruments


Why should I rent instead of buy?

The out of pocket expense of renting is much smaller than buying. We do credit 100% of the first year rent, so there is plenty of time to make up your mind.

What is required to rent an instrument?

A valid credit card and government issued ID such as a drivers license

What are the terms of the rental?

Please read our Rental Terms and Conditions.

What is included with my rental?

All instrument rentals include: a fully adjusted instrument, a carbon hybrid bow with genuine horse hair, a case with shoulder straps, a cake of rosin for the bow hair


How are repairs to the instruments handled?

We do all repairs. If something breaks contact us either by phone or E-mail and either drop it off at the shop location or ship it to us. If you drop it off at the shop, we can usually give you a replacement instrument right away (pending availability).

What am I responsible for in terms of repairs?

All repairs are included in the Protection Plan. If you did not elect the Protection Plan we will charge you the full repair price minus 20% discount. See the Rental Terms and Conditions for details on the Protection Plan.


What is a tune up versus a repair?

During a tune up we are checking the bridge & post position and adjust if necessary, lubricate the pegs, change strings when necessary


What types of insurance is available?
We do not offer insurance but a Protection Plan that works like a maintenance plan for small monthly fee. Please read our Rental Terms and Conditions for furher information.


What accessories do you offer with rentals?

A cake of rosin is included in the rental price. All other accessories are available for purchase in our shop. We offer music books, music stands, and rock stops for cello.

Pickup / Delivery

Where can I pick up my rental instrument?

At our Midtown location, 620 Glen Iris Dr, Suite 104, Atlanta, GA 30308, for directions please see Contact Us.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes we do offer delivery. There is free delivery for a group of schools that like to work with us, there is also delivery available within a 20 mile radius for our shop location for a fee.

What is the cost for delivery outside of the delivery area?

That depends on mileage and time spent