About Us

Violin Rental Direct began as a dream of the owner, Stephanie Voss, to provide a streamlined rental process - making it easy for parents to order instruments and accessories online. Our partnership with schools allows for direct delivery when your child needs the instrument in the classroom, taking a trip to the shop off your list. We also support the music program of our partner schools with donations from our rental and sales income.


Stephanie Voss is a professionally trained Master violin Maker with a German Master Diploma and almost 30 years of experience in string instrument making, repair and restoration. Her staff is also professionally trained with many years of experience.


The objective of Violin Rental Direct is to bring high quality string instruments into the hands of students both young and mature. We have noticed during our years in the business that many rental companies provide sub quality set up instruments turning the learning experience into a frustrating struggle. The correct set up and relationship of bridge, fingerboard, nut, post, tailpiece and pegs is very important for the playability, sound quality, and successful learning of the instrument. Our objective is to provide high quality, expertly set up Instruments and bows that make the learning process a joyful experience.

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Pictured above: and below is Stephanie Voss...

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